Android Without an Anti-Virus? Don’t be Ridiculous!


Would you jump out of an airplane without a parachute? Would you drive a racecar without a helmet? Would you use an android device without an anti-virus? The answer to all these questions should be ‘no’ if you have any wits about you.

That’s why it comes as a surprise to hear a security engineer say that an anti-virus on Android would be unnecessary. Shocking really. I mean, does this so called security engineer work for Google or something? Oh yes…. he does.

Recently, at the Google I/O developer conference chief security engineer for Android, Adrian Ludwig informed journalists that users shouldn’t bother with an anti-virus on their android devices. He stated that most users wouldn’t have a need in an anti-virus as the risk of malware is “overstated” and that the truth about all that malware is being twisted by security software companies.

Now let’s look at what we know, we have been hearing non-stop about new hacks in android. Malware that will steal your information, malware that pretends to be your banking apps, malware that takes control of your phone and will make phone calls or take pictures without you knowing. And of course the always fun ransomware.

So, why would Mr. Ludwig make such a statement? Is it perhaps a marketing ploy? Thinking that someone that suddenly loses control of their phone to malware will run out a purchase a replacement phone? I don’t think so, that sounds more like something Apple would do. Does he truly believe that there isn’t that much malware out there? In his position, I would sure hope he’s at least reading the same articles that we are. Or does he really believe that Google’s systems for vetting software in the Play Store is good enough to catch the malware? Sadly, I bet this is the true story. It’s great to have faith in your product, but you also must be willing to admit when there are problems. In my opinion, this bodes very badly for Android. And I daresay, we probably won’t be seeing any improvements in the mess that is Google Play anytime soon.

Source: Naked Security



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