Android Users Want a BlackBerry.


A little over a week ago, some possible information was reported on the upcoming BlackBerry slider, it didn’t take long for some of the community to show some anger. Which led me to write a post giving my opinion on how I see things unfolding.

We’ve had numerous conversations about this phone within the virtual offices of UTB. Many arguments with many virtual holes being punched in virtual walls, and JP throwing shoes at our heads later, I still feel the same way. That the only reason BlackBerry would release an Android phone would be to make additional revenue from Android users to bring the device side to profitability. And utilizing this profitability to continue to bring us the best mobile platform around, BlackBerry 10.

This belief of mine is consistently met with the same argument by BlackBerry users. Both in the comments and various shoe throwing arguments I am told by BlackBerry users that Android users will not buy a BlackBerry. I’m told that Android users believe BlackBerry to be dead and there will be no interest from them in an Android slider.

This goes directly against what I continue to see on other sites. In fact, every time I see an article about an Android slider on blogs outside the BlackBerry community, I see a lot of interest. The only places I tend to see negative comments about this phone is on BlackBerry centric websites and BBM Channels. Of course, I can never think of where I’ve seen these in the midst of an argument.

Earlier today, yesterday I’m sure for most of you reading this, Android Authority posted new images of the slider running Android. Feel free to click the link and go see all the images, I’ve included one here. But while you’re there, look at the comments to the post, and you will see what I’m consistently seeing on these posts. Interest. A lot of interest. From Android users. In fact, the only negative comment I see is someone I recognize from the forums I used to frequent before UTB, and he was still complaining that he can’t figure out how to use the hub.

If you don’t want to click the link, I copied the comments here;

Take my money!

I have to agree , I like it. Hopefully they dont bloat it out like Samsung, HTC, LG, Asus and a few others do. It its a clean build, I may just buy it. For me its a perfect size and I love a real kb. Blackberry always had decent and reliable hardware, it was their software that sucked, especially as the years went by… Anyhow, that issue is gone with Android as long as they dont bloat it out with crapware like the others mentioned.

Agree – I love the phone and the idea of a qwerty if I want one sometimes. I used to have a Torch when I was on Verizon and it was amazing when it first came out. This is the 2015 version of the Torch!

Looks very sexy. I wouldn’t mind owning one. Hopefully it comes to Europe.

I want one :>

I want one!

I want it!

ERMGADD!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE so bad I might have just peed a little…

Um, I kinda like this…shocked


Looks beautiful!

To me, the camera is rocking. And it has a freakin physical keyboard. A-freakin-men. I really hate on screen typing. So this, if it lives up to the hype, will be my next phone. As much as I love my Samsung Note 3. I’ll take this over that any day.

Interested I am.
Somehow still missing the phisical keyboard even though running android since few years already.

My GF will definitely be getting this thing .. as her current BB curve is almost dead after 5yrs of punishment ..
Love the display that looks like the Samsung Edge’s ..

I want one, very much so. I was upset when Android moved away from keyboards. In fact if you look at Android phones in the beginning vs where they are today, it seems like we copied iPhone. I mean original Android phones had keyboards, MicroSD slots, removable batteries, even a D-Pad; iPhone had none of that. Then slowly Android began removing all of that, and now we have the same drawbacks to the original iPhone, no keyboard, no removable battery, no expandable storage, etc. Finally a quality Android phone is being released with a keyboard. I think the Venice also has a MicroSD slot. What about… a removable battery?
My only concern about this device is that if it is highly secure and locked down by BlackBerry, it’ll probably be near impossible to root and if you do there will probably be a lot of downsides in doing so.

There was a negative comment besides the twit that can’t figure out the hub:

I’ll be more curious of the camera performance. BB had pretty horrible camera maybe as bad as Moto. As for the keyboard. It is 2015. I think most people have moved away from it already. Sure it might be refreshing but will it really attract buyers because they want a physical keyboard? Will have to see.

I still stand by my thoughts that releasing an Android device is a sound business decision for the company we love. BlackBerry still needs to offer an end to end security solution, and has already stated a few times that they are committed to BB10, so I have no fear of losing the OS I love.

Edit: I tried. I can’t do it. I have to comment on the goofy fellow that claims the Hub is no better than Android’s method. His issue, is that the Hub remains where he left it when he leaves it and returns. I’ve had this same argument with BlackBerry trolls before. The Hub SHOULD remain where you left it! BlackBerry is all about efficiency and multitasking. When responding to messages, there are plenty of times that one needs to go check information. He would rather the Hub reset when you do this? This is someone either looking for something to complain about, or someone that doesn’t work his inbox.

If he wishes for the Hub to be in the main Hub when he returns, simply swipe back to it before he leaves is. It is one step vs Android where he would be, for example, clicking his email app, clicking back to get out, go back to another app, click back to return. Click click click.

After reading his reasoning, and his solution, I tend to think a smartphone may be too advanced for him. Perhaps he should get himself an iPhone. I heard they have pencils now….


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