Android Update Results in Frustration for Pixel Owners

Reports are rolling in of an annoying batch of glitches with the latest Android update.

The Google Pixel line of phones get the newest OS updates first. That is a major selling point for many users. But you don’t always want to be on the cutting edge of OS updates, at least not if you don’t want to experience the glitches that come with them.

Google just released the latest Android 8.1 update to the Pixel family, and already, users are experiencing some annoying glitches. One glitch seems to be affecting multiple devices, while one is specific to a particular model.

Numerous users are taking to social media and to Google’s own product forums to complain that multi-touch has gone wonky since the update. When users attempt to do something which requires multi-touch, the image on the screen will sputter and shake, as seen in the video below.

The other glitch seems to be affecting the Pixel 2 XL, and seems to be a minor inconvenience at most. The fingerprint sensor has slowed down, taking as much as twice the time to read a fingerprint.

Flaws in OS updates seem to be a sure thing, I’m just not so sure I would want to be the test subject that had to experience all the bugs. Especially on a device as important to me as my cell phone.


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