Mobile Wins The Internet as Android Tops Windows

Android pulls ahead of Windows in internet usage.

March 2017 will go down in tech history as the first time mobile beat desktop in internet browsing. In a new report by StatCounter, Android has surpassed Windows as the dominant method of accessing the internet.

For worldwide OS internet usage, Android came in with 37.93 percent of the share, closely followed by the once leader Windows with 37.91 percent. Of course, Windows still holds the desktop computer market share with a resounding 84%, but these numbers just show how mobile is becoming the dominant way to access the internet.

Here in the US, the percentages tell a much different story. Windows maintained it’s lead with 39.5 percent of the internet usage, followed by iOS with 25.7 percent, then Android with 21.2 percent. To me, this shows what we already know, that America is still held in the thrall of Apple and their products. Yet, even with Apple’s newest and greatest in hand, these users would prefer using their PC’s to access the internet than their iPhones or iPads.

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