Android sliding onto Windows Mobile 10?


Windows 10 operating system is set to start rolling out today, July 29th. That means Windows 10 Mobile is soon to follow. Windows will run Android binaries “unchanged”, according to a Microsoft job posting.

“Project Astoria” was announced at Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build 2015. Intended to bring iOS, Android and Web devs to Windows 10, making porting to Windows 10 relatively easy.

Tools would make Windows 10 simple to add as far as what the devs had to do, to make their app(s) work on Windows 10 with relatively few changes, all the while, “Project Astoria” took care of pretty much everything else that would be needed, specifically, the Android part, where requests for Google services would “quitly” be diverted to Microsoft services.

A job posting claims that the Astoria beige “enables Android devs to publish their unchanged binary to run as they are on the Windows Mobile platform.”

Simple breakdown of all of those technical terms: Windows 10 Mobile will pretty much run Android apps, the thing that Windows has lacked, APPS!

If this sounds familiar to us BlackBerry fans, it is exactly what we can do with BlackBerry 10 right now! We can run pretty much every Android app, unless the app requires Google’s Mobile Services!

I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing for the Windows Mobile platform. But what I can say, is if Windows has some sort of gentleman’s agreement with Google. We do know that BlackBerry has become a “partner” with Google.

What does the future hold???



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