Android Oreo May Soon be Available to KEYone Users at Rogers

Does it mean Android 8 is coming soon to everyone ?

When will Oreo be coming to the BlackBerry KEYone? The long awaited answer to this question hasn’t been delivered yet. But Canadian carrier Rogers may have just given us a clue. A new list from Rogers’ site shows whats next for Rogers in updates, and the KEYone is currently showing with a “Coming Soon” for Android 8.

It is very logical that the update will come soon as BlackBerry’s next device will be announced early next month. The arrival of the next OS version should coincide with the arrival of the KEY2. It was rumored that the update would arrive in March, but that did not happen. Instead, Oreo will probably arrive shortly after the KEY2.

If you will look closely, in the complete device list you will see the BlackBerry Priv with the last security update arriving for Rogers customers May 22th and the Passport still shows up on their list with the last update to 10.3.3.

Android Oreo

Source: Rogers via CB

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