Android Malware Pretends To Be Antivirus


There’s been just too much news about iPhone recently. Let’s see what’s going on with Android. Anything new? Yes! Of course! More malware! Security vendor McAfee issued the warning after the discovery of the “SandroRAT” malware, which it said initially targets Polish banking users.

How does it work? First, the user receives a warning e-mail stating that their phone has been infected by Malware. The e-mail then tells them that their bank is providing a free mobile security app to take care of the issue. The gullible user then installs the app and walks about feeling a bit safer and probably happy that their bank is protecting them.

However the app is obviously not from their bank and they’ve just installed the malware on their phones themselves.

The app is a remote access tool (RAT) that can remotely:

  • Access and steal contact lists, Call Logs, Browser History, Bookmarks, and GPS location.
  • Intercept and record telephone calls
  • Self Update
  • Intercept, block, and steal incoming SMS messages
  • Send MMS messages
  • Record surrounding sounds
  • And the most fun part, access encrypted Whatsapp chats and steal the encryption key.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? Just another day in Androidia.


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