Android L – As Far Behind BlackBerry 10.2.1 As iOS8


We’ve covered the AMAZING NEW iOS8 developments in some detail recently – or should I say we’ve covered what isn’t there. iOS8 brings with it BlackBerry’s Notification Bar (which some silly iPhonians are claiming is the same as the Hub) and… er… that’s pretty much it.

But, what about Android? Where are they headed?

Well, buoyed by the success that was Kit Kat (wow! 17.9% of Android devices are using it now – just ahead of Gingerbread!) that broke phones all over the place Google have thrown in the towel and decided to shift along quick to their next incineration itineration – Android L (the L apparently is rumoured to stand for Lollipop).

And, dear Lord, it looks awful.

Decide for yourselves as Android Authority have put together this handy first look…

So, let’s dive in shall we? Here’s what I picked out as the highlights:

‘Android has moved from Dalvik to ART making it pretty snappy’

No, it seems to mean it lags in half the time.

‘Material Design is the new scheme – It’s black, it’s colourful, it’s flashy.’

Well… it can’t be black AND colourful, surely? And anyway, it looks like something from Logans Run (1970’s show for you kids out there!). And when you get past that, it’s garish and horrific.

‘Contacts are arranged in a Metro Design’

Ahem, you’ll notice a certain similarity here with the 3 buttons at the top of the phone app…

‘The On Screen Buttons received a much needed face lift as well, being a triangle, circle and square.’

What the hell is this? Play School? Kindergarten? A Play Station?

‘The Recent Application Window shows up as cards’

Ahhh… look at all those battery drainers…

‘Notifications have been reworked in this OS…. And some notifications don’t even show.’

Er… I think I’ll leave that one to speak for itself. Oh, hang on! They are also:

‘Laid out by Priority’

Er… sound familiar again? It’s just another POOR MAN’S HUB.

Then he talked some stuff that no one can really understand except a dedicated Androidian and everyone went home for tea and buns.

The truth is that this, just like iOS8 is falling behind 10.2.1 badly.

And neither have even been released yet.

By the time they are, we’ll be on 10.3. And it’ll take Apple and Google another 12 months to try and figure out how the hell BlackBerry put so much into that and what they can do to copy it. So, they might be able to grab a couple of features but…

By that time we’ll be on 10.4.

See where this is headed?

Very soon Androidians and iPhonians will be offered a choice between low battery life and out dated software or amazing battery life and the latest software.

And they are ready for it.

If you read the comments on the video you want to scream ‘Well, just buy a BlackBerry for God’s SAKE!’ as disgruntled users voice their displeasure at what they are being served up. And the bit that makes you laugh is how the Andoridians and iPhonians are ripping each other apart over… er.. nothing really.

Because BlackBerry 10 is already ahead of them both.

If only they knew about it.

But, I know one man who is laughing a little harder than us.

As he has a plan.

And when that man puts his plan into action and Androidians and iPhonians start to see what they are missing then you’ll see a HUGE amount of them coming #BackToBlack asap.

All it takes is to make it aspirational, create some truly innovative devices that make the products obviously different, get the apps and stick it out there in people’s hands.


You keep going Mr Chen.

I can’t wait for September.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • ray689

    Imitation is the sincerest from of flattery.

  • mscloutier

    It’s simple really, nothing compares to BlackBerry 10 and its amazing Hub. One word QNX!

  • Anthony

    I almost threw-up watching the video. It looks bad. locco_smiley_31

  • Trev

    Good to see that Android reworked the three necessary buttons at the bottom. Now I have no idea what they mean or what they do.

    And look at how nice and colorful and…black…it looks! Haha
    Flashing and glowing transitions abound which is great when your 2 month old Android device has begun it’s notorious decline into Lag City.

    The colors remind me of the 80’s/90’s neon and pastel phase that for some reason is popular now. Bleh. locco_smiley_47

  • shanerredflag

    Hmmm…nice to see gestures being introduced. Kinda like kindergarten training for the eventual step up to the adult devices. Ha.