Android Hits The End Of The Road (In The West)

bell tolling

Yep, that bell is tolling again…

Let me set the scene.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time Google decided to make the anti-iPhone. They saw that people were locked into Apple’s world and did the exact opposite, made their software Open Source on smartphones and invited anyone who fancied a punt to go and sell them.

The pay off was that Google (famed for not being evil) would get all that lovely data on every single user. All those permissions that people blindly signed up for that told them evry little thing about them.

Which they could then sell to the highest bidder.

And that was great, for a while.

The problem is that this business model is VERY different to Apple and BlackBerry and people are only just beginning to grasp why. You see, Google weren’t interested in keeping everyone on the SAME version, In other words, as long as you bought an Android phone, they couldn’t care less what the hell you were up to, as long as they knew all about it.

Which has created a HUGE market share but a bit of a snag because the software upgrade path is now pretty much non-existent.

Which means that Android users will always be behind those who actually have control of the OS and the hardware that is provided.

You know, someone like BlackBerry.

Why does this matter? Well, it didn’t until there were more than 3 or 4 versions of the same thing. Even now, months and months after the launch of Kitty Kat the vast majority of Androidians are still sat on Jelly Bean or Gingerbread. And here’s the problem it causes direct from Android Central:

Fragmentation should not be that big of an issue for end users. People buy Windows computers not expecting an OS upgrade. Why should they expect it with Android? If Android is seriously fragmented and that’s a serious concern, then Windows and their fragmentation should be a serious concern as well. Yet it’s not. Android is just about as stable as any other OS out there. Expecting your phone to get an Android update to the next version as part of the overall value of owning an Android phone is pretty silly. Just root the dang thing and flash a custom ROM to get the latest version or be happy with what you have

Yes, my friends, ‘Expecting your phone to get an Android update to the next version as part of the overall value of owning an Android phone is pretty silly.’

So don’t buy one.

The fact that the Android OS is, well, stuck really. It didn’t matter once BlackBerry were seemingly out of the game. Apple haven’t been pulling up any trees either, as we have documented extensively. But now we’re back, where do Android go from here?

Nowhere, in the West at least. The OS will continue to be sold on cheap phones in new markets but if you think your Android device will be keeping pace with BlackBerry 10 and it’s two updates per year?

Forget it.

Time’s up guys by your own volition.

Nope, navigating by Play Station will appeal to some, the truth is that Joe Public has been ‘guided’ in this direction for lack of a credible other alternative to the iPhone.

But not any more.

If you are an Androidian reading this, when was your last OS update?

What features did it add?

Or did you never get that far with the dreaded ‘not compatible with your device’ message despite your larger being only 6 months old?

Er…. probably.

Meanwhile you could be a lot smarter next time.

You could do the right thing. Save yourself all this hassle. Be kept current and up to date with new features to die for, not some advice to grab an app you don’t even know what effect it will have.

You could buy a BlackBerry.

Where does Android go from here?

Only one way and that’s down.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • jrohland

    I like the way you think lad. Nevertheless the androidian is right. Hardware stagnates and won’t run the new OS. This happens with all systems except iOS because iOS doesn’t really change. So what we have is:

    Apple phones which get minor hardware and software changes from version to version. They have turned this flaw into a virtue by pointing out all devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) can run every version of iOS (well almost).

    Android, which is more or less one device to one OS (major) version. As the hardware is getting less and less expensive, they should just buy a new phone when they want the current OS. And, in fact, I see this very thing happening. Since the different OS and OEM versions are all different Android users ignore the OS and use the same apps between devices.

    Windows Phone, honestly I have no idea why anyone would get one? If you want the simplicity, get iPhone. It is simple but has the apps. If you want to be different, get BlackBerry and be in a really exclusive club.

    • veeru789

      I bought the cheapest BlackBerry 10 hardware (Z3) and I know I will get updates. So why shouldn’t any one else expect it from Android. Also don’t get a BlackBerry to be in exclusive club. Most of us use BlackBerry coz it gets shit done. And it’s the best OS out there.

  • Reverend Grim

    Like I’ve said in the past, BlackBerry has sat back and yes they turned up to the party late
    They have turned up AND turned up in style! And where the others have partied hard and worn themselves out BlackBerry are still fresh and dancing to the pulse and beat of the music… they are also quietly having a giggle at the state of the others who, let’s face it, have thrown it all away now and don’t have the legs to see it to the end!
    Sorry for giving a sermon on your absolutely brilliant article there Brother BigglyBobblyboo, I do hope you forgive me?

  • Anthony

    Android will be unpalatable when security and privacy are once again ‘on the table’.

    Where is BBM Money? The ability to easily transfer money between BBM users could increase BBM usage on iOS like a wild fire!