Android Connected Car Apps Easily Hacked

Connected car apps aren’t just convenient for the driver, but to thieves as well.

Security researchers from Kapersky took a look at several android connected car apps and found something disturbing. These apps are far too easily hacked.

Kapersky looked at nine different unnamed Android car apps and tested their security. Of these nine apps, they found that seven were easily hacked. These hacks do protect the driver better than the Tesla app which was hacked a few months ago. In the case of these seven apps, attackers would be able to gain access to the car, but would not be able to start the car. Drivers may still return to find their car unmoved, with their property gone. That’s reassuring right?

For these hacks to occur, the phones must be rooted, and the attackers would need to add additional software to the phone, which we know from previous hacks is not difficult with a rooted phone. Attackers could also trick users into downloading malicious apps. In both cases, the vulnerability is within the car app itself which allows these attacks to take control of the app.

Viktor Chebyshev, a Kaspersky researcher stated “Why don’t connected car application developers care about security as much as the developers of banking applications? They’re also controlling very valuable things for the user, but they’re not thinking about security mechanisms.”

As a reminder, BlackBerry Android cannot be rooted and is safe from hacks that require or gain root privilege.



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