Android Auto Muting Ringtone for Some Users

There is a very bothersome issue affecting Android Auto users.

Android Auto is something I consider a must have app for road trips. The app, when used on your phone, gives you a simplified, larger UI bringing just those items you use while driving to the forefront. A simple distraction free method to control your music, receive and respond to messages by voice, and quick access to navigation make it a win. Most new cars will also allow the user to connect to the car’s head unit, and have Android Auto right within your dash. Unfortunately, many users are reporting a very annoying issue.

The issue isn’t something that would bother you while using Android Auto. Instead, it’s something is a problem once you’re through using it. After disconnecting from the car and closing app, users are finding that their phone’s ringer have been muted. And not simply muted in a way that you can quickly turn the volume up. When you attempt to increase the volume, the user is presented with a message that the phone has been “Muted by Android Auto”.

In order to regain control of your notification volume, the user must do one of two things. Restart the phone, which is generally a quick fix for most problems, or go through app settings and force stop Android Auto. Simply closing the app will not fix the issue.

Google is aware of the issue, and is working on a fix, but in the meantime, users will probably want to check their phone each time they use the app. You don’t want to miss any important phone calls because of this bug.

Source: Value Walk 



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