Android Auto Adds Better Contact Support

Now users can access all their contacts in Android Auto.

Android Auto is, unsurprisingly, made for use while in the car. Because of this specific use case, certain aspects have been simplified. One of those aspects has been using your contacts.

Up until now, if you wanted to message or call someone while using the application, you could simply speak instructions to Google. This is of course the preferred method as you don’t even have to take your eye away from the road. You were also able to thumb through recent calls and your favorites. But your full contact list was simply not available.

Google has announced within their forums that now your entire contact list is available to you within the app, with a certain caveat. Users can now click the top left menu and see a new entry for contacts. Full use is restricted to when the vehicle is stopped. If the vehicle is in motion, you’re limited to a few taps. This is one of those few times that I’m actually okay with Google tracking your location. Limiting the ability to take your eyes off the road while driving is a very nice safety feature.

Are you an Android Auto user? Is this a functionality that you have been missing?

Android Auto

Source: Google via GSM Arena


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