Android Apps on BlackBerry


Here’s a little surprise for Androidia-
Android apps work great on a BlackBerry (us BlackBerry users have known this since the introduction of OS10)!

This past week we went overseas for a vacation. While the food was fantastic and the wine was unbelievable, trying to sight-see in a city without a rental car left us relying on local transportation (trains, subways, buses, etc). To complicate matters further, maps and directions were in a foreign language. Not to be outdone I simply downloaded a mass transportation app directly to my Passport and voile’ – we had detailed information on how to get from point A to point B or from our current location to a specific destination. There were no hoops to jump through or complicated processes to follow – simply select download, install, and accept permissions. Not only did it calculate the route and corresponding transfers, if any, it calculated the timing and created a graphic map!

Hopefully this will help alleviate any reservations that current Android users may have about buying the upcoming Priv. Not only will they have access to their beloved android ecosystem, they can do it in a more secure setting – and with the introduction of the new Marshmallow OS, they will have the ability to customize permissions.

As a former Samsung and HTC user I can assure you that once the Priv is released it will be the perfect time to come #BackToBlack!


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