Android App Fans Rejoice, Amazon App Store Gets An Update.


When I’m not using Snap, I’m using Amazon, and when I clicked on it today I was prompted that a newer version was here.

Version 17.000.893.3C_647000010 brings:

* Bug fixes and stability enhancements.
* Performance enhancements.

Just click on your preinstalled copy of the Amazon app store and get your download on.


  • Anthony

    After the update my Passport is still blocked from seeing some apps in searches, apps I can “see” in Google Play (Snap or Cobalt). locco_smiley_7

    Cobalt is better than Snap. Eg. I can buy a game like GTA in Snap but it won’t actually run because it doesn’t download all necessary files. In Cobalt all files are installed and I can actually run the game.

  • jrohland

    bbjoe, Thank you for making me aware of this update. To be honest, I rarely open Amazon appstore so, until it got around to notification, I would not have discovered this update.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Amazon Apps update is very wonky on BB10. Sometimes you get the notice while other time you have to go to the setting within the app itself to check for update. Often the app just crash. And other time it’s updated when the app abruptly close. You have to go back to the setting and check the version to know for sure it’s updated.

    • Anthony

      When Amazon App Store app updates it will abruptly close. locco_smiley_17