Android and the Missing Patch Problem


According to security research from Cambridge University (UK) Computer Lab;

87% of Android devices insecure because manufacturers fail to provide security updates.

To collect the information needed for the research, Cambridge University published an Android app called Device Analyzer. If you have a Priv, please install Device Analyzer in an attempt to get Priv listed and showing very good results on the Android Vulnerability Web page. Please note, I was unable to determine if this study is still collecting data and updating the Web pages.

The problem with the lack of updates to Android devices is well known and recently Google and Samsung have committed to shipping security updates every month. Our hope is that by quantifying the problem we can help people when choosing a device and that this in turn will provide an incentive for other manufacturers and operators to deliver updates.

BlackBerry has also commented to monthly patching and updates. Additionally, they plan to quickly push patches for some high risk vulnerabilities. This commitment may only apply to certain Privs, such as those purchased from the BlackBerry store. Unfortunately, if you buy your phone from a carrier store, you may be subject to the carrier update schedule.


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  • Canuckvoip

    It is my understanding that critical updates are sent to all devices by BlackBerry directly. Updates of a lesser nature are left to the carrier. Not sure what lesser means…

  • SipoKapumba

    BlackBerry has its work cut out. If it succeeds in securing Android, that might mean millions of devices being sold every year. Snowden highlighted the privacy challenges we face today, but until now, very few companies were able to provide solutions to privacy concerns. With its enterprise security software, Blackberry Priv and BB10, BlackBerry should see a steady increase in its software and devices sales. Going Android was a stroke of genius. Suddenly, we’re hearing about BlackBerry in a positive light.

  • Anthony

    Android IS Windows mobile. locco_smiley_32