An Invitation To BBM Channels

UTB blogs truly wouldn’t exist without BlackBerry. Obviously, without BlackBerry, we wouldn’t have the subject matter write about, but it goes deeper than that. Being an international staff, truly located all over the globe, all of our communications are over BBM. From inception to day to day chat, everything is through BBM. On top of that, we started on BBM Channels. Several of the ‘founding fathers’ ran BBM Channels and UTB blogs simply grew out of our individual channels.


Strangely enough, even though I ran one of those channels, and was pretty obsessed with it, I feel that I never really got the use out of them that I should have. I’m really starting to feel that I have really just figured it out in the last few weeks. You see, I wasn’t using the “Mark as Favorite” option, and that has made all the difference for me.

Since the beginning of BBM Channels, visiting channels have been a bit of a chore to me. It was a fun chore to be sure. But for me, checking channels was something I had to purposely do. It wasn’t convenient. At the time, I was big in to Facebook and Twitter. And when I had a spare moment, I would generally check Twitter, then Facebook, then if I had time, Channels. And BBM Channels are set up differently than what I was used to. I’m used to the feed that you get on Facebook and Twitter. I never go to someone’s profile and look at it. I always just look at the feed. With Channels I was faced with a grid of my channels, and I needed to click on the individual channels to go see what I wanted. Now, we do have the option to see a Channel feed much like Twitter inside BBM, and I may be wrong, but I don’t believe that was there in the beginning either.  Since then, I’ve walked away from Facebook. And I do still have and use Twitter, where I am a scrolling madman.

Press, hold, and mark as favorite!
Press, hold, and mark as favorite!

But I recently began using that previously mentioned “Mark as Favorite” option, and BBM Channels have become so much more convenient than Twitter or Facebook ever was. You see, I no longer have to open Channels and go looking. Now, when one of my favorite Channels posts, it arrives right in my hub. And while we can get direct messages and retweets and the Facebook equivalents in our hub, people’s “status messages” or posts just go to an easily missed timeline feed. BlackBerry Channels has a big win there. Just like BlackBerry is the ultimate in communication, BlackBerry Channels is the ultimate in making sure you’re not missing out on anything.

There is one problem with Channels though, one that needs to be resolved quickly. And that is that not everyone is on Channels. If I had everyone that I follow on Twitter, on BBM Channels, I would quickly and painlessly walk away from Twitter. A friend of mine made me realize this earlier today when he shared a channel started by Lance Stephenson of the Charlotte Hornets (BBMC:C0033F410). Thanks to our friend Punch, it got me wondering where our celebrities are? It was big news earlier when celebrity chef Tyler Florence started his own BBM Channel (BBMC: C0031295E) Are there more that I haven’t seen? We know that there are several celebrities that smartly use BlackBerry devices. So where are their channels?


BBM Channels beats out other social networks in so many ways. 400 characters vs. Twitter’s 140 characters. We can edit and post photos as easily as we do on Instagram or iGrann. It’s not Facebook, which is a win in itself. Instant notification of updates with the favorite feature. With BBM and Channels going cross platform, I really thought that we would see an explosion of these new Channels opening up. Sadly, I tend to think that the reason that we haven’t is much the same reason that BlackBerry sales had been doing so poorly prior to our current growth spurt. Marketing. People simply don’t know about them.

We here at UTB tend to do things a little differently. I could end this post here, and simply complain about the fact that the people I want to follow are not on BBM Channels and be done with it. But again, that’s not how we do things. I want the people I follow on BBM Channels. And I am going to start Tweeting, e-mailing and inviting them. The BlackBerry using celebrities should come running. Do we really think that Kim K. doesn’t want another avenue to promote herself? Who do you follow? Who would you like to see on BBM Channels? Join me in a new cause to make BBM Channels the social network it should be. #BBMCinvite has a ring to it doesn’t it?

Sound off in the comments, let us know who you plan on inviting to BBM Channels. Have a channel of your own? Feel free to share as well. I’ll start. Today, I started a new personal channel as my old personal channel is tied to a phone I rarely carry with me anymore. Stop by and say hi at BBMC:C001FD0EC



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