Analyzing BlackBerry Channels

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As many of you know I run a little channel called The Gif Exchange.  I was looking through the analytics for the first time in a about three months and noticed the Android user portion of my subscription base has increased drastically while the iOS tally has only grown a few percent. So it would appear Android users are really taking an interest in BBM as well as BBMC.  Lets have a look at the numbers;

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Android users make up 28% of the userbase, BB10 users make up a little less than half at 46%, BBos makes up a measly 6% (understandably because my channel is very data heavy), and iOS is at 8%. I am unsure why there is an unknown category and why BBMC can’t recognize the platform these users are on. I have also noticed a spike in Indonesian users, could this be Z3 related? Possibly. Or it could be BBM is catching on with Android users at a quick pace. It is definitely a good sign to see Android users on BBMC in growing numbers, it’s good for the BlackBerry brand and one day these BBM users could be BB10 users.

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  • PING

    Great to hear. Love the analytics BBMC offer.

  • RedFoxOne

    Cool! How do you see that kind of statistics? Is there a menu like that in the channel managet website? And how do you find out if the users are from Indonesia? I’d say a combination of Z3 and Android users though. Android is big here, and so is BBM.

    • playbookster

      Through your desktop browser you can sign into the channel manager and there you have access to all sorts of information and you can update your channels from there as well.

      • RedFoxOne

        Thanks! Another question, how do you post a gif image? The gif image I post on my channel doesn’t work the way it should be.

        • playbookster

          unfortunately bbmc is very picky about which gifs will work on a channel. Usually if the gif works in your saved images it will work on your channel.

  • nnik

    I think the low ios numbers may be due to ios users being caught in their own little world or ecosystem so to speak

    • I totally agree nnik. I was going to make a similar comment. They are “trained” to stay within the crApple ecosystem so well, that they don’t even look outside it. They are not accustomed to anything that is not branded “Apple.”


  • Interesting playbookster. BBM has a shit ton of functionality; I’m still finding out things about it. Cool!

  • Omnitech

    A spike in Indonesian users, eh?

    Excellent news!