Analog to Digital: The AtHoc Promise


Consider the type of devices we’ve used in the past 5 years. 10 years. 30 years to connect and communicate on a widescale system. We’ve gone from CB radio to smartphone. We laugh now, but innovation fuels implementation, and the metronome of innovation ticks faster than ever. The evolution of communication technology has exponentially increased in the past five years. Some agencies are just trying to keep up.

AtHoc’s latest blog highlights some of the struggles these agencies may face in the growing field of digital communication. Some of the factors that cause for lag in the decision to upgrade may revolve around simple financial restraints. However, there is also certain consideration to be had for agencies that are wary of new technology. While not exactly luddite in their thinking, having security that the tech will work as promised when needed, is vital in the field of public safety.

AtHoc is working at assuaging these fears, and we will keep readers updated on their progress.

Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.