An Indication of BlackBerry Passport Demand

Upon hearing on October 3rd that the BlackBerry Passport was once again in stock on Shop BlackBerry, and with a discount code as well, I did what many others did and reached for my laptop and credit card and placed an order.  Much to my disappointment, I was just a bit too late because soon after receiving my order confirmation, I received a subsequent email notifying me that my device was on back order and would be shipped once stock was available.

Fast forward one week later, and I receive the following email from BlackBerry customer service; I should note that it was addressed to me personally:

An Indication of Passport Demand
An Indication of Passport Demand

Considering that BlackBerry sold 200,000 units within two days of launch, selling out in 6 hours on BlackBerry’s website and within 10 hours on, it’s fair to say that this product launch is off to a good start.  Without having any facts such as the number of back ordered units, the size and timing of production runs, any analysis at this point would be conjecture at best; I can only assume that based on the launch day results and the fact that this device will be rolling out to over 30 countries by the end of the year, there could be a large production run in progress to address the back order queue and inventory needs of current and upcoming carriers.

Besides the positive impact on the bottom line, the true success of this device will be the impact on people’s perceptions.  This device is definitely making news, and should set the stage for the expected November launch of the BlackBerry Classic.