An Illustration of BBM Functionality

BlackBerry Messenger v10.3.24

I’ve been using BB devices since the Storm2 which I think I picked up in 2009. However, I am a late joiner into the ranks of BBM in part because I was surrounded by Iphoneans and then later, Androidians. Lately, I’ve been using BBM and BBM groups to connect with fellow BlackBerryans and some Androidians. As many of us do, I try and convert others from the dark side, to join us in the light of BB goodness.

Every year, I go out to a cabin in Western MD, USA for a “hunting trip” where I join with 5 – 6 of my male relatives: dad, brother, cousins and Uncles, and we essentially drink a lot of wine, beer and scotch, and eat all kinds of meals the wives made for us and watch movies, smoke cigars, play cards and tell stories. It’s a fairly debaucherous affair that does include the occasional hunter going out into the woods in the morning, but we all know, it’s really just an excuse to get together and see people we don’t see all year otherwise. Just to give you a feel for how serious we are about the hunting part, my old man has had the same round chambered in his .30-.30 for about 20 years. (You’d think maybe he should change that out, but the shelf life for ammo is pretty long time if it’s stored properly.)

The group is dispersed all over the country: Florida, California, Maryland, and North Carolina, and some fly and some drive. We start planning the trip late in the summer and begin emailing each other attachments of a document with the details of who is bringing what. We actually don’t “rough it” too much as we have DVDs, a nice stereo, a 55″ TV, etc.
You’re probably wondering what this has to do with BBM, so here’s my point. If I can get everyone to get on BBM, it would be an IDEAL use for BBM groups and a great illustration of the robustness of the network.

1) We could get instantaneous, private/secure communications during the several month planning process,
2) Add an appointment to the calendar as to when the exact dates of the trip are, which would populate onto our mobile calendars, and include details as to the cabin number and combination lock code,
3) Begin a list to help us plan what needs to be brought and who is bringing it,
4) Use glympse during the first day/night so we would know where everyone is as we all come from different places and arrive at different times in a staggered fashion
5) Upload pictures of the trip, as we take them for everyone to enjoy
6) Connect via BBM voice/video if need be afterwards to get our story straight with the wives. (There really isn’t much to hide.)

All in all, BBM is a highly robust, secure communications network that has myriad possibilities!

james pisano

RIM/BB fan since 2009. Wouldn't consider entrusting my career, life or privacy to another platform. Foremost, I am a student of life. Some likes: longboarding, nature, Baltimore Orioles, technology, driving, music, reading and Taoism. Politically independent.