An Early Christmas Gift To BlackBerry Users, From Apple


Chances are, if you’re here at UTB, you’re a BlackBerry user. And chances are you’ve put up with a lot of unwanted commentary from iPhone users. And somewhere, in the back of your mind, there’s something that you’ve wanted to do in response to that commentary from iPhone users.

Fortunately for iPhone users, BlackBerry users tend to be a polite sort. We’d never actually follow through with these base urges. Instead, we keep it to ourselves and hope that someday, karma will pay a visit.

It seems that karma has come knocking. Apple has given us BlackBerry users a gift, just in time for Christmas. Let’s just call it our own little Christmas miracle. You see, Apple gave iPhone users a slow motion camera in the iPhone 6.

And while it’s easy to categorize BlackBerry users as a generally polite bunch. It’s also fairly easy to categorize iPhone users. And luckily for all, iPhone users have come up with a way to show off their fancy new slow motion camera in a way that’s enjoyable to all. The iPhone 6 slow motion face slap test! A Merry Christmas to all!




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  • ray689

    A face palm for iPhone users? Seems very fitting.

  • nnik

    Is the world running out of padded rooms? Are we selling them iPhones to keep them occupied?

  • Trev

    This is fantastic!

    Thank you, Apple! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  • bartron

    BlackBerry users could easily do that with their phones too, but they have much better things to do with their time.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I would not hurt my passport that way.