An Alexa Powered BlackBerry Smart Speaker? Yes Please!

When two of your faves come together, amazing things can happen, and so can disappointments.

Earlier this week, we learned that Alexa was announcing a new direction for Alexa for Business. New partners were announced including Plantronics and iHome, and most important for me, BlackBerry. This was a dream come true, two of my favorites, BlackBerry and Alexa, coming together. But I didn’t really assume I’d see anything.

After all, BlackBerry has become the master of partnerships. They partner with many companies now, securing their products. Unfortunately for me, someone who is a user in the consumer market (hey, I’m a prosumer!) I don’t really get to see much of those partnerships. So far, everything that we have seen have been for the enterprise market, or something buried deep in the heart of the product, securing that product, so I don’t really notice BlackBerry’s work. But now it seems that may just be changing.

The latest news to come out of the Amazon-BlackBerry partnership is that BlackBerry may actually be producing a smart speaker. In fact, it sounds like there will be several. IT World Canada received this quote from a BlackBerry spokesperson, “We are working on multiple Alexa-powered smart speakers that will be built with BlackBerry’s secure technology. The first device will be available in the first half of next year.”

Now that’s great news! I would love to have a BlackBerry smart speaker with Alexa inside. I’d absolutely love to have Alexa preinstalled on my BlackBerry smartphone. This of course hasn’t been mentioned, but a man can dream. The combination of two of my favorite gadgets can be a dream come true, but it could also lead to some disappointments.

The first disappointment would be if I couldn’t readily get my hands on these products. I know, BlackBerry is focused on enterprise, and this program is all about Alexa for Business. It’s what it is named after all. If this is a product which I would need to have an enterprise account to use, I wouldn’t be a happy prosumer. I’m hoping that even though this is targeted at enterprise users, users like me can still obtain and enjoy the smart speaker. Second, I don’t want this to be a standalone product. I want to see seamless integration with my BlackBerry smartphone.

Come on BlackBerry and Amazon, let’s see some magic happen. Let’s see some magic happen that will work not just for enterprise, but for me as well.


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