Amnesty International Are Right… And So Very Wrong


Amnesty International are, by their very definition, a worthy organisation. They try to look after the rights of the individual, you and me, worldwide and they have, over the years, championed people who have had very little hope indeed. Those who have been imprisoned, tortured and forgotten by anyone other than their own families, often for no reason at all.

However… they seem to be venturing into an area they know very, very, VERY little about. Or they employed an iPhonian to conduct the research. Either way, it’s right… but it’s wrong.


What they said as reported by CBC was that instant messaging services such as Snapchat, Skype and, would you believe, BBM:

‘are not taking basic steps to ensure privacy’

Whereas the likes of Whatsapp and iMessage (which scored HIGHEST in their report) employ ‘end tp end encryption. Indeed, they praised Facebook and Apple and scored them highest for ‘having the best security’.

Seriously. Someone just took them for the ride of their lives.

Is this the iMessage whereby users complain of getting random messages from China? The same iMessage hacked (sorry, mistakenly wandered into) the hands of salacious journalists in the joy of the iCloud??

And, with perfect timing, is this the same Whatsapp currently (today) suffering a massive hack attack, the latest of many? The same Whatsapp which is linked to Facebook? One of the worlds biggest data leeches? The company where the CEO knows EXACTLY whats going on as he sticks tape over the microphone and webcam of his personal laptop??

The same Whatsapp that DTEK on Android has revealed accesses your MICROPHONE to record what you are saying on your phone to it’s own ends???

Meanwhile, no issues over at BBM and BlackBerry. No private photos stolen. No downtime due to a denial of service attack that they failed to prevent. And no history or prospect of them either.

This is NOT difficult. Even criminals get it as their preferred method of encryption is BBM as it’s the ONLY method of Instant Messaging they know no one can hack without a court order. For everything else it’s a free for all, frankly.

Amnesty International. We love your work. We love what you stand for and who you stand up to.

But to say BBM is ‘less secure’ than almost anything else out there?


With these dangerous places many of you move around in I suggest you all download and start using BBM immediately…

Because anything else may be life threatening since everyone else can get their hands on it!


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  • Martin

    Facebook messenger, iMessage and WhatsApp all scored top marks… Oh dear God where is this world headed.
    That’s not an unbiased article, it’s a paid for advertisement brought to you by the fine folks at Facebook and Apple!

  • calles

    ‘As reported by CBC’…it is not surprising at all that the CBC would report such an inaccurate story regarding anything Blackberry related. And furthermore, if Amnesty International is going to publish a story they so clearly no nothing about, why pay attention to anything they have to say.

  • Anthony

    BBMs go from your smartphone, to your carrier network tower, then it’s routed through BlackBerry’s network. Regular BBMs are not encrypted but they’re in BlackBerry’s secure network and BlackBerry needs a court order to view BBMs.

    Tech news reported Facebook is going to analyze WhatsApp messages to better serve users advertising and the Apple python continues to tighten around iSheep necks as more and more is going to iCloud servers. locco_smiley_8

  • Akinni

    Someone high up in CBC needs to look into this news channel that brand itself as Canada number 1 and is funded by tax payers. That they can carry Amnesty International news in a non-Human rights related area and broadcast wrong research speaks volume. I have long concluded that some people in CBC have something against BlackBerry, perhaps they hate the guts of their founders. After all as far as they are concerned BlackBerry is dead. Toronto to Waterloo is one hour drive, but their able reporters don’t care to know where it is, talk less of knowing BlackBerry office.
    The last time our Prime Minister was in University of Waterloo,a stone throw from BlackBerry headquarters, he lectured these reporters on Quantum Physics. They were shocked! It’s time, these reporters write tests before they are promoted!
    Canada wake up! CBC before long, we will know if you are truly Canadian. Long live BlackBerry! Long live BBM!! Long live Canada!!!

  • Madge

    Amnesty international you have a job job to do and you work hard at it.

    Stick to your knitting!

  • BB Racer !!

    plus this was a CBC Beta site ( which means post crap delete later ) also CBC did a media deal with FB Messenger , FB app and FB Live …..FB spreading its dollars

  • BB Racer !!

    Message to Amnesty all all their good work , Invest in BES 12 + BBM Protected + Adhoc and now you will be a secured enterprise sending and receiving important information

  • kg4icg

    Every last app that they said was the best have one thing in common that makes them not so secure. The use of your phone number.

  • Tammy12

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