Amazon Underground: Replacing Free App Of The Day With Free Apps **Updated**


Well say goodbye to the Free App of the Day on the Amazon App Store. Instead there is a new Amazon Store, Amazon Underground. Head here to download now, and you will find that it shall replace your Amazon Store app as opposed to your Amazon App Store.

Combining product shopping with the apps seems a bit bothersome to me, but there is an added bonus here. The bonus is free apps. Free premium apps. That’s right, Amazon is pushing apps that are paid, or have in app purchases to us, the user, completely free. To do so, they’ve worked out a deal with developers where the developers are paid on a per minute basis for how long their apps are used, and Amazon is stating they are picking up the tab. How Amazon plans to monetize this for themselves, is still a bit of a mystery, however I’m sure we will find the answer soon. As is, this may be a grab to increase their standing in the app market war. Why pay for an app on Google Play when you can get it for free at Amazon?

What’s important to BlackBerry users though, is that it works fine on our devices. For me, it took some time to install, seemingly longer than a regular app. And when installing, it worked as an update, not a fresh install, and as stated before, it replaces your Amazon Store app, not the Amazon App Store.


And a tidbit that many might find interesting, Instagram is there. Readily downloadable by BlackBerry users. Yes, that’s right. Instagram for BlackBerry users. Will it stay there? Who knows. Instagram may have overlooked this, or perhaps they decided to stop being a-holes. I’m guessing it was just overlooked. But for the time being, Instagram is readily available to BlackBerry users through the new Amazon Underground.

Sound off in comments if you find any great apps that you think others should know about.

*update* It was pointed out to me that the Instagram app we were seeing was not the real Instagram app.
Thanks Bla1ze.
And now that I’m looking, thanks Pratik_D who also pointed it out in comments. Sorry I missed that.


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  • Anthony

    I like the integration and “Apps & Games” is right there in the menu.

    Are we supposed to migrate from Amazon App Store to “Underground”?

    Does this have something to do with the upcoming slider and Google Play Store also coming to BB10? locco_smiley_26

    • Brad

      No. This is just something wily Amazon has cooked up. This is not exclusive and probably not even intended for BlackBerry users. But of course it works. So enjoy it. :)

  • Anthony

    A few great apps from Amazon…

    Sketchbook Pro
    Fraction Calculator Plus
    Kindle for Android
    Meteo Earth
    Oxford Dictionary of English with Audio
    Photo Bender

    • Brad

      Nice! Downloading Skitch now!

      • Anthony

        One nice thing about Skitch is it lets you draw past the picture edges.

  • pratik_d

    If I am not wrong, that Instagram app is just a viewer. I have been seeing it in the app store for a couple of weeks now. It is not from the original developer.

  • jrohland

    Here is Amazon going subterranean while testing flying drones. They should make up their minds if they want to be moles or butterflies.


  • It would appear you only get this with 10.3.2 s if you are in the UK you’ll see nothing unless you have upgraded outwith your carrier…

  • Anthony
  • dammad

    Before I owned my fabulous BlackBerry Z30 I had a Motorola DROID Razr Maxx because the battery was much better than my iPhone 4s on iOS 7, then I installed the Amazon App store on the Droid, I installed a few Apps via the Amazon store, then I found the 3300 mAh battery was being sucked away very quickly, I found the Amazon App store was doing this and using my data too so I uninstalled the Amazon App store only to find that the Apps that I had installed via the Amazon App store were looking for the Amazon App store and wouldn’t work, they were all uninstalled too and my battery became strong once again.
    I refuse to use the Amazon App store on my BlackBerry.
    Also I don’t think I’ll use a BlackBerry with an Android OS either…