Amazon Fire TV Brings a Whole New Way to Watch UTB Blogs

UTB Blogcast and videos are now available streaming on Amazon.

Well it’s about time! You can now tell Alexa that you want to watch UTB Blogs.

Sure, you can already find us on YouTube. Of course our videos are always posted right here on this very site. Really though, who would ever complain that we’re too easy to find in too many places? Certainly no one here. Hopefully no one there. And if you are complaining that we’re too many places, well please don’t tell us that. That hurts our feelings.

If you are a Fire TV user, just search for UTB Blogs, download the app, and start streaming. If you would prefer, you can head straight to Amazon and push the app through to your compatible devices by clicking here.

Within the UTB Blogs Fire TV app you will find out most recent UTB Blogcasts, and videos, that can be streamed directly through your TV. Just imagine, all the UTB Bloggers, all of our corny jokes, all of our reviews and how to’s, in a larger and louder format. How great would that be? Well, perhaps that’s not really the best selling point, but give it a try. You may just like it. And if you do, please leave us a review. Those are always helpful.




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