Amazon Brings the Show to the Tablet

If you wanted an Echo Show, but didn’t want pay that much, there’s now a better way.

I’m a big fan of tech and gadgets. After my BlackBerry smartphones, I believe the Amazon Echo range of products fall into second place as my favorite gadgets. What started out as a limited voice assistant, has grown by leaps and bounds. The various products can control your music, your viewing, your home automation products, read you your daily news, wake you up in the morning, and serve as a communications device.

These products come in a range of form factors. I own several myself. Recent products have brought a screen which brings new capabilities to Alexa. Instead of simply hearing your news, you can watch videos. Instead of voice only calls, you can have video calls.

Unfortunately, these screen devices are considerably more expensive than their speaker only counterparts. I have been thinking about these devices for a while, but have yet to pull the trigger. After all, what fun is having a screen and camera on your device, if your friends don’t have them? You’ll have no one to talk to. Realistically, the Alexa app now allows for video chat over your smartphone, but this is merely another product that does what other products do. Having a dedicated always on screen waiting to make and receive video calls is something that old sci-fi movies promised us decades ago. It is now possible, and Amazon has now made it extremely affordable by adding new functionality to their inexpensive Fire tablets.

I grabbed one of these tablets, and I run you through how it works in the video below. After the video you can find links to the various Alexa products I speak about in the video.

You can find the products I talk about here.

Fire HD 8 Tablet:

Fire HD 8 Show Dock:

Fire HD 10 Tablet:

Fire HD 10 Show Dock:

Echo Show:

Echo Spot:


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