Amazon Discounts the BlackBerry KEYone

Been holding out for the KEYone? Here’s an even greater deal.

With the BlackBerry KEY2 set for US release this Friday, it’s only natural that Amazon would discount the BlackBerry KEYone. I know of a few people that had been holding out for price cuts on the KEYone device, and this latest price cut brings it to a great price.

Amazon’s new price on the device brings it to $399.99. This is for the GSM device. The Verizon CDMA version is still running at it’s now normal price of $499.99 and with no hint of a CDMA KEY2 yet, apparently Amazon sees no need for a discount.

The BlackBerry KEYone is an amazing phone. In fact, it was my favorite BlackBerry device from my 10 year run with BlackBerry. Right up until I got my hands on the BlackBerry KEY2. If you’re thinking the newest phone is always my favorite, that’s not necessarily the case, as I returned to the KEYone after moving on to the Motion, and if I tell the whole truth, I moved to the Leap after the Passport.

I can’t stop singing the praises of the BlackBerry KEYone. It is everything which I wanted in a BlackBerry phone powered by Android. All the capabilities, amazing design, with an amazing keyboard. However, the KEY2 takes all that the KEYone is, and just makes it quite a bit better.

If you’re in love with the form factor, and don’t want to spend the full price on a brand new BlackBerry KEY2, you can’t go wrong with the BlackBerry KEYone.

You can purchase the phone at Amazon through this link.

Let us know if you take the leap into a BlackBerry KEYone.



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