Amazon Disables Lock Screen Ads on Prime Exclusive Phones

Amazon’s reason for discount goes away, but the discount remains.

Amazon has been selling some decent entry level phones at fairly deep discounts for some time. These¬† Prime Exclusive Phones, as they’re called, come with a few caveats. One, they can only be purchased by Amazon Prime customers, secondly, the phones run lock screen ads. While this may come as a bit of a surprise for some, Amazon has done this for years on their Kindle products. As a matter of personal opinion, I wouldn’t mind lock screen ads on a Kindle, but on my cell phone? That would be a deal breaker for me.

In December of last year, Google shut down lock screen ads in Android. With a change to the Google Developer Policy, apps were not allowed to introduce ads to the locked display of a device unless that app’s exclusive purpose was that of a lock screen. Well, that seemed like Amazon’s ads would be safe, and perhaps they were. But there has been an ongoing battle between Amazon and Google, could this have been a reason behind this change in policy? Perhaps, or perhaps not.

In any event, Amazon has decided to end the lock screen ads on their Prime Exclusive Phones. Surprisingly, the discounts on the phones will continue, although it is rumored that prices may increase by $20, which isn’t much when speaking of smartphones.

In any event, users of these phones should have a pleasant surprise today to notice that the lock screen ads have now disappeared. Now, if we could just get some BlackBerry devices included in the program, I would definitely be jumping on board the program.

Source: Gadget Hacks


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