Amazon – BlackBerry Passport ‘#1 Best Seller Due To Unprecedented Demand In USA’


Well, well…

The naysayers have had their say, it would seem the people are talking with their wallets and purses.

Over at Inside BlackBerry, Donny Halliwell reports that the Passport is breaking sales records at and John Chen has confirmed in todays earnings call that Shop BlackBerry sold out in 6 hours and Amazon in 10 hours.


Well, that was fast: Following Wednesday’s launch of the BlackBerry Passport, customers flocked online to snap up our new business productivity device.

The compelling US$599 price for this unlocked phone attracted a lot of fans (Canadian consumers can also get the BlackBerry Passport for a limited time for just $200 at TELUS).

This segment-creating device is unlike other phones on the market, and is purposely designed this way. Productivity is at its core, with a massive 3450 mAh battery that provides up to 30 hrs of life. A large, square touchscreen with incredible clarity paired with an innovative touch-enabled keyboard are also on board for mobile professionals to complete work without having to turn to a laptop or other computer. Buyers get all of this, in a portable package the size of its namesake – the global symbol of mobility, after all.

One day in, it’s clear that both media and the market agree there’s something special about BlackBerry Passport. It stands out, it gets noticed and it’s forging ahead. Visit Inside BlackBerry blogs to read more than a dozen pieces introducing various features of the BlackBerry Passport, or download our new free 100-page ‘Discover BlackBerry Passport’ to read the features, get productivity tricks and tips for easing the switch from Android or iOS.

The fascinating thing here is these are US customers. You know, the ones that won’t touch a BlackBerry with a barge pole?

Maybe they’ve had enough of the same old, same old.

Maybe they want to #BeDifferent.

Maybe they think it’s time to come #BackToBlack.


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