Amazon App Store; My Opinion

Everyone Gets This!
Everyone Gets This!

Ok folks, today’s news has hit kind of hard. And there are many differing opinions running rampant through the community. We all have an opinion, and many of us are arguing it out via BBM channels, BBM groups, Twitter, and the like.
I see the same lines I saw before, except sadly, I see many others that never stood on either side of the line, now being tugged to one side or the other.
Me, being who I am, have some very strong opinions on this, and want to share them. Agree with me or disagree, that’s ok, but I’m a ‘big picture’ type of guy. And this is one of those times that I think calls for that way of thinking.
Now I’m someone that hates reading a wall of text. So I am going to break down my points into a few separate editorials. And understand, these are all my opinions, this is how I think. I will not be giving a ‘Troy Story’ and telling you it’s facts. Because, in the end, we need to see how each aspect plays out.

Troy Story

First and foremost, let me get this opinion out there. The addition of the Amazon App store to BlackBerry 10 is a good thing! No, I take that back, it’s a great thing!
I am a BlackBerry fan. I want my next phone to be a BlackBerry, and the phone after that to be a BlackBerry. We have seen BlackBerry market share drop since the advent of BB10. Now, all of us using a BB10 have no problem saying that BB10 is the best platform out there, by leaps and bounds, and we mean it. In my opinion, nothing else even comes close.
But the sales have been lackluster. And that’s putting it politely.
There’s been one major complaint, all along. A lack of apps.
“BlackBerry doesn’t have apps”
We’ve all heard it. Non-stop.
BlackBerry included this great little thing in BB10, the android player, that gives us access to apps. And in the beginning, it was rough. We had to sideload. Much didn’t work. And as time went by, it got easier and better. Now, we can install app stores to our phones and install directly. Now nearly everything works, and works well. It’s a different world.
And still the trolls call out “no apps” because it is oh so difficult to download an app store and press ‘install’. (Insert sarcasm)


And once again, BlackBerry has defeated an argument against it. By having Amazon App store pre-installed.
The ultimate goal is to get BB10 in the hands of the masses. A major hurdle has been ‘the app gap’. And sorry trolls, the app gap is closed.
Now, I’m sorry, I must go away for a bit. But I’ll be back later tonight with my second installment.
Working titles, “The Trolls” or “Umi, Meenie, Minie, Moe”


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