AllConnect Helps Fill Yet Another Hole In Android Vs BlackBerry 10

It just never ends. As a Priv user I have continually bumped into things that my Passport can do right out of the box that my Priv failed at without a 3rd party app. File managers, music player, video player, compass, a decent calculator, and the list goes on.

One of the coolest abilities of BB10 is the “Playon” feature. Baked into the killer BB10 OS is the ability to send a picture, music file, or video file to any available DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) device in your network. Well, Android just does not offer that as a default feature. Why not? I don’t know but it just goes to show you how detailed and forward thinking the BB10 devs are. The beauty of DLNA/Playon is that you can “cast” a video to another device but continue to use your phone for BBM, SMS, browsing etc without interrupting the video. Awesome!

I have a WDTV device connected to my 52″ TV. It’s not a “Smart TV” so it cannot be streamed to natively. I’ve used the Playon feature of BB10 countless times to stream movies and videos to my TV wirelessly. Android can’t do that, it can only mirror its screen which makes your device useless untill the video is over. So…

What to do? I searched for a decent app that could provide me with a BB10 “like” experience. Here it is…


AllConnect for Android. Finally I can easily stream/Playon a video to my WDTV, or any Smart TV, and it is smooth as silk. It found my device immediately


And it recognizes my handset as well. Choosing the video icon sends you to a file picker that you can use to send a file to your destination device with ease


It lets me hook up to Dropbox as well for all those files I’ve stored there


Do I like it? Yeah. Should it be built-in? Duh!

It’s free, it’s clean with no ads.

Priv and DTEK50 users will benefit from this as Android has a way to go before becoming a BB10 beater.

Enjoy and let me know what app might be better.


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