All is Good


Yes it is, it looks like we can ease off a bit on defending the best mobile platform in the world against those nasty old trolls. There are really only two other competitors worth mentioning. One BlackBerry has a partnership with and the other? Well let’s just say they are having some difficulties and leave it at that.

wohooWell happy,happy days right?

We thought so, seems now we are defending against our fellow enthusiasts (I use that term loosely).

Just looking at twitter it is easy to see what is going on so I am not even going to get into that here, not worth it.

I remember having to explain to sales personnel that….no, BlackBerry did not die. They are still making handsets. I was told the z30 was discontinued by the manager of a retail outlet….the z30 is still being sold (and made) over six months later.

I recall people laughing when Apple reached a deal with IBM. Nothing has become of that.

The blackphone tried to grab BlackBerry’s niche, they seem to be gone too.

Some goofball was trying to say he can hack BlackBerry’s security…. haven’t heard back from him either.

Then we have all the shorts trying to manipulate the stocks because they had no vision. They’re pulling their hair out now…. or looking for a tall building

9161284So what are we doing now?

Read our blogs, look at our twitter @utbblogs. It’s quite exciting really.




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