All iPhones Can Be Cracked

Apple refuses to help authorities solve crimes, so Cellebrite will do it for them.

It seems like only yesterday that Apple was standing against the Unites States government in order to protect the data of a dead terrorist. It actually occurred in December of 2015.

In a terror attack, a couple murdered 14 and injured 22 others. Immediately following the incident, one of the terrorist’s work iPhones was recovered. In an effort to find evidence and find if there were further threats, the FBI asked Apple to help open the phone. The actual owner of the phone gave permission to have the phone opened. However Apple refused. Instead of being a good citizen and helping the government, and potentially saving lives in possible further attacks, Apple chose to use the incident as a marketing stunt. Tim Cook claimed that it would take a team of Apple engineers months in order to crack the phone. In reality, it took a third party contractor minutes to do it instead.

The unnamed third party was believed to be Israeli firm Cellebrite, however it was never confirmed. Now, that same suspected company has announced the latest version of it’s iPhone cracking software Cellebrite UFED which can unlock and extract data from all iOS devices from iOS 7 to the current iOS 12.3. In addition to being able to beat Apple’s latest security, the company also states that the software can also break into many high end Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8/S9 models and popular models from Motorola, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi.

Unfortunately for the nosey folks out there, this software isn’t available to just anyone. Cellebrite works with governments and police forces in order to break into devices for lawful access only. Fortunately for the rest of us, since Apple wasn’t willing to do the right thing, someone else was willing to step up to the plate. And now Cellebrite seems to have perfected it.

Source: Cellebrite


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