After Equifax, Many Organizations are Still Working with Insecure Software

It seems like no one has learned the lesson from the Equifax attack.

In September of last year, the largest breach in the world of cyber security occured. Around 140 million US citizens had their personal information exposed in the Equifax breach. The cause for this breach? Equifax had not updated the software it was working with, leaving the consumer information exposed and vulnerable. Of course, this vulnerability was exploited by attackers. 

Equifax used, and still uses Apache Struts Web Service software for users of Java. In fact, many organizations grouped within the Fortune 100 use very this software and are still today exposed to the exact same attack which Equifax suffered.

Apache Struts enables the download of older versions of its software, and in fact allows the hacking of servers using the software. Many companies do not even update software security when there are updates to older software.

An investigation by website ZDNet has found currently 10,800 organizations using unsafe software. It is reasonable to assume we may soon hear about attacks on one or more of these companies. If you are an IT administrator in your organization, you will need to perform security updates frequently to prevent holes that allow attackers to harm your customers.


Roy Shpitalnik

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