Adware Re-Enters Google Play Store with a Name Change

Malicious code that was previously removed from the Google Play Store has made it’s way back in.

Well this can’t be something Google will be proud of. Adware that was previously identified and removed from the Google Play Store has made it’s way back in to the Google Play Store. The malware creators renamed apps, used a different publishing account, and even created new malware riddled apps, but the malicious code within the apps was the same.

The function of the malware was to deliver fraudulent advertising. By tricking the user to grant the apps admin access, the apps are able to repeatedly open the browser and show users advertising. The apps were initially able to get past Google Play security by utilizing a four hour wait period before performing any of the malicious activity.

Google’s Android is the number one mobile OS in the world. Not even iOS comes close in terms of market share. Of course, the platform will be the top target for mobile malware, and the Google Play Store would be the preferred method of attack. While there will always be new innovative ideas to trick the security systems to get malware uploaded to the Play Store, Google has been generally very good about identifying this malware before users download it, and blocking future instances of malware once it has been identified. The fact that the same malware code has found it’s way into the Play Store twice should serve as a bit of an embarrassment for Google.


Source: ZDNet


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