Adthief Affects Over 75,000 iOS Devices

There’s another hack on the rise in the world of iOS. However, this one may just be a little difficult to fault Apple for. You see, this malware affects users that have done something that is really asking for it. It’s the users that jailbreak their iPhones that are at risk. Now, I understand users wishing to jailbreak their iDevices, after all, it’s a way to get some functionality out of those app launchers. But jailbreaking is a hack in and of itself, so there should be no surprise that other hacks will follow.

This malware is called Adthief, and what it does, is reroute the advertising revenue from apps, away from the developers, and to the makers of the malware. So, those developers that choose not to charge for their apps, and instead place advertising in them in order to make a living, aren’t seeing a dime from those ads. Now, this doesn’t seem to affect the user at this point, and the user may not even care, after all, if they jailbroke their phones, odds are their pirating those apps as well.


So what is the problem for the user? The problem is that their phones are infected with malware and they have no idea. Their phones are infected with malware that is stealing money and they have no idea. I would consider that a very big problem. Right now, the user might not care that this is happening, but who’s to say there won’t be another hack that will be stealing that money from the user? Who’s to say there’s not one already?

We know those users that jailbreak iPhones. They are fairly close to the users that root and mod Android. These are users that believe they are the techies of those platforms. The users that believe they know what they are doing and are the ‘experts’ when it comes to their platform of choice. However, this hack is happening right under their nose, without their knowledge. And it’s not small fries either. It is estimated that Adthief is affecting 75,000 devices.

So, who do we blame? Apple for making the iPhone, iPad, and iPod so limited that people must jailbreak them to get some functionality out of them? The user for hacking their own devices because they bought a device that obviously didn’t do what they needed? Who knows. All I know is that it’s not happening to BlackBerry.

Source and image via: TechnoBuffalo


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