Adam Schitts On Independence Day

Representative Adam Schiff shows his true colors on America’s birthday.

Representative Adam Schiff has misread the room. He has allowed his hatred for one man, to overpower the position he was elected to. Adam Schiff, known primarily for crazy-eyed memes, sits as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. It was in this capacity that Schiff spent the last two years on nighttime cable news shows promising undeniable evidence of President Donald Trump colluding with Russia to fix the 2016 election. Of course, in his role, it was implied that he had official knowledge of this evidence he claimed existed. Of course, we now know that evidence did not actually exist.

Regardless of Schiff’s seeming misuse of his position to push a series of politically motivated lies on the American populace, he has retained his role as Chairman. Today, he allowed his personal hatred of Donald Trump to attack one of our most patriotic holidays. What was his message to his followers?

Not one word about Independence Day. Instead, he called today “Swamp Day”. And attacked the celebration that President Donald Trump planned for our country. He claimed that this was an “ode to himself”, it wasn’t. He listed off complaints and the liberal talking points of this manufactured outrage over a celebration of America itself. All tied up with, again, no mention of Independence Day, but with a “Happy 4th!”

Representative Schiff has allowed his hatred to take over any semblance of reason. He spent two years promising evidence that did not exist to the American people. And today, has shown that even a celebration of the birth of the nation he is a current elected official of, was not important enough for him to lay aside his partisan politics.


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