Accessory Review: Amzer Border Case For the BlackBerry Z30

IMG_20160103_012539I’m on Verizon, so the Passport is unavailable to me save as a wifi device. I am a huge BlackBerry and BB10 fan, so I swap between my Q10, Z30 and Classic while using my Z10 as a music driver in my car. I have recently “fallen back in love” with my Z30 and have significant confidence in it as a capable communications and productivity tool to help me with building my small business. The Z30 has excellent hardware features like call quality (Paratek Antenna), speaker phone (stereo speakers and extra mics), a nice 5″ OLED screen, solid processor for productivity  and graphics, world class virtual keyboard typing experience, and all the features baked into BB10. Essentially, there isn’t another slab out there I would rather have at any price. 

In any event, I have several case options for my Z30 and also often go naked as I enjoy the style, bullets and grip of the battery cover.


Recently, I purchased a case for my precious and want to share my impressions with you here. The case is the Amzer Border Case and I really like it. It features an exceedingly simple design being a TPU-type material and covering only the edge of your Z30.


It’s very affordable; I got mine from Amazon for under $15 USD delivered. It has a lip on both sides so when you set it down face up, you don’t get dust sticking to the back of your Berry, and you can use the “advanced interaction” BB10 features like “flip to save power” without having the screen touch the surface of whatever table you’re setting the Z30 on. The grip along the edges is adequate and your grip still benefits from the excellent qualities of the Z30 glass weave battery cover, which offers great style and an excellent balance of grippyness and smoothness. Last but not least, you can see the iconic BlackBerry bullets on the back and proudly display them when setting your Z30 down face first.

All in all, the Amzer Border Case is a simple, albeit elegant and functional design and well worth the cost.

james pisano

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