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  • Nice job, Brad. You’ll love the flip case. They did an excellent job with the notifications. Very clever.

    • Gotta admit, what they did with the notifications in the window, is one of the coolest things about the case. lol

      • Its true. If you want to be discreet, there’s no better way. Just double tap and scroll up, and put your phone back in your pocket. Awesome feature!

  • Robert Friedman

    Now you’re rollin’ with the Cool Kidz

    • Thanks to my buddy Rob! :)

      • Wayno

        Don’t forget the rest of us :|

  • leverspro

    Is there a cradle charger available to allow the phone to double as alarm clock on bedstand? I really like this on my Passport.

    • I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m sure someone will make one at some point.

    • Wayno

      Pretty sure Kidigi do a USB C cradle

  • leverspro Cradle charger. Does Android have
    night mode like bb10? Thanks Wayno.

    • Wayno

      Kind of, it’s do not disturb mode, with clock set as daydream, if I recall correctly. Been a while since I set it up on Priv. But it does display the clock in a dim fashion