We are more than just a community – we are a vibrant hub of BlackBerry enthusiasts. Our dedicated team of passionate fans and users curate a dynamic blog, an engaging forum, and an array of BBM Channels exclusively for fellow BlackBerry lovers.

With a commitment to delivering valuable content, our blog keeps you up to date with the latest news, updates, and insights surrounding BlackBerry devices and services. Dive into our bustling forum, where members connect, exchange ideas, seek assistance, and share their experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie. And through our unique BBM Channels, you can directly engage with like-minded individuals, creating meaningful connections within our thriving community.

Meet the Team Behind UTB Blogs

UTB Blogs is powered by a team of passionate individuals who are devoted to promoting the BlackBerry brand and advancing security. With our collective expertise, we have established an influential platform that resonates with BlackBerry enthusiasts worldwide. Let’s meet the exceptional minds driving UTB Blogs and learn more about our valuable contributions.

“Hailing from California and surrounded by iPhone users, Brad has remained a steadfast advocate for BlackBerry. Dissatisfied with existing BlackBerry fansites, he took matters into his own hands and established UTB Blogs. As the Founder, Owner, Editor, and Blogger, Brad continues to carry the BlackBerry banner proudly.”

The Visionary Founder Leading the Way

“Based in Puerto Rico, Robert’s tireless efforts form the backbone of UTB Blogs. As the Site Admin and Guru, he has meticulously built and maintains the website and forums, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. Although he may not be highly visible, Robert’s indispensable role is paramount to UTB Blogs’ success.”

The Mastermind Behind the Scenes

“Hailing from Missouri, Erica is an invaluable asset to UTB Blogs in every aspect. From blogging and editing to contributing to UTB’s BBMC and being a regular on the UTB Blogcast, she effortlessly engages in all facets of the site. Above all, Erica’s exceptional skill lies in keeping the team in line and focused.”

The Multifaceted Editor and Blogger

“Based in Israel, Roy shines as one of UTB Blogs’ most active bloggers and a regular participant in the UTB Blogcast. Remarkably, UTB is a secondary project for Roy, as he manages his own Hebrew language BlackBerry fan site, BerryIL.com. His dedication to the BlackBerry community is commendable.”

The Prolific Blogger and Podcaster

“A passionate golfer hailing from New York state, Dick dons multiple hats at UTB Blogs. Serving as a forum moderator, editor, and even a BBM Channeler, he ensures the smooth functioning of the UTB Forums. With a keen eye for detail, Dick expertly manages both golf balls and forum spammers.”

The Forum Moderator and Editor Extraordinaire