ABC Brings Nathan Fillion Back as a Rookie

Fillion becomes a big damn hero in The Rookie.

ABC released full trailers today for their new Fall shows. Last week a teaser showed fan favorite, Nathan Fillion, coming back to TV, and today we got to see a more in-depth look at the concept of The Rookie.

Fillion portrays John Nolan, a man finding himself desperate for a change. After a serendipitous bank robbery, Nolan pursues a career law enforcement. He becomes a rookie in the illustrious LAPD. The fellow boys in blue are less than impressed with the small town, aging rookie. However, Nolan prevails. Fillion’s Nolan seems to have a more reserved, serious nature than previous characters he’s played. This translates into a richer performance from the skilled actor that lends itself to a stronger foundation for character development.

In the trailer, we see Nolan bravely standing up to bank robbers, talking down angry and armed gunmen, and offering support to frenzied citizens. Supporting cast includes Alyssa Diaz and Richard T. Jones.

ABC is getting some blowback from fans after recent news that several shows got the axe for next season. Perhaps a new show featuring the guy that brought Castle, Captain Mal Reynolds, and Captain Hammer to life could revitalize fans’ interest.

Are you willing to give it a try?

Erica Davis

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