A Warning for Samsung Users

There is a new glitch affecting users, Samsung users beware.

Users are complaining about a really odd bug that surely no one would ever want to be affected by. The issue is affecting Samsung users, specifically users of the Samsung Messages app. The glitch is resulting in the app seemingly sharing user’s photos to their contacts on it’s own.

Users are reporting that the app is in some cases sending random photos from the phone’s galleries to random contacts. In other cases, the app is re-sending photos to contacts that previously received the photos. Some are even reporting that entire galleries are being sent to contacts. All without the user’s knowing that this is taking place.

So far those reporting the bugs have included T-Mobile users on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices, as well as a user on AT&T and a user on a Galaxy Note 8. It has been said that revoking the Messages app’s storage permission is working as a temporary fix.

If you’re using a the Samsung Messages application and have photos on your device which you wouldn’t wants shared with your contacts, you will probably want to take action now rather than later.


Source: Phone Arena


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