A Shining Example of Hypocrisy

A week filled with glaring hypocrisy, where do we start?

A perfect place to start is with a story of redemption. Hollywood director James Gunn has seemingly found redemption. Gunn, who was previously fired for past tweets by Disney from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, has now been rehired to helm the franchise again. This is big news, being celebrated across social media by a certain group of people, and being derided by another set of people.

What was the tweets that got him fired? Tweets dating back to 2008-2011 saw a multitude of tweets in which James Gunn jokes about pedophilia and rape of children among others. The rape of children seemed to be a favorite theme of his. I will not repeat any of his tweets here, as I deem them too vile, however the reader is invited to do a quick Google search, and find a multitude of his tweets that have been archived by others.

Of course, Disney, who’s business is to entertain children and families, fired him. This was met with a huge campaign to save James Gunn. Strangely enough, if you delved into the history of those that were campaigning for him, you would find a limited number of those that seemed to be movie fans. Instead, looking at their tweet history, you would find users that had a strong political focus. There is a reason for this. It’s because if you look at James Gunn’s most recent social media presence, he was very outspoken against the current administration of the US. Gunn was a very outspoken, liberal tweeter, and had gained quite a following of people who rarely, if ever tweeted about anything other than politics.

Now, Disney has hired him back, and across Twitter, Gunn’s supporters are speaking about a moment of redemption. They speak about how this is needed and how old tweets don’t matter. Even while someone else is coming under fire for old tweets. Someone which Gunn’s followers are not supporting.

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is currently the target of the activist organization Media Matters, for what else? Old comments. Old comments made on a shock jock radio show that he made while Carlson was employed by MSNBC.

Media Matters, for those who are not aware, is a group which pours through old media, looking for quotes and stories which can be used against those in the conservative media. That is truly the only purpose of this George Soros funded organization. Tucker Carlson, along with most other Fox News personalities have been the target of this organization.

Media Matters claims to have “unearthed audio” as if it was something made in secret, when in fact it was broadcasted on a radio station. In my opinion, this audio could obviously be seen as offensive. As offensive as jokes about child rape? Of course not. But offensive nonetheless, and precisely what listeners tune into shock jock radio programs to hear. Media Matter’s unearthed audio can be found below.

While Media Matters is quick to say that Carlson is protecting a man who believes in marrying underage girls, you will not find them complaining about the legal importation of child brides to immigrants in the US. In fact, in an AP report, it was discovered that thousands of these requests have been approved over the last decade. In on extreme case a 49 year old man requested permission to bring over his 15 year old wife. This is completely legal as the US Citizenship and Immigration Services decides on these cases by whether the marriage is legal in the home country of the immigrants.

In a surprising twist, Fox’s Tucker Carlson has fought back, by bringing up writings of Media Matters own president Angelo Carusone in a personal blog written around the same time frame which the audio clips of Tucker Carlson were taken.

Oddly enough, the campaign to silence Tucker Carlson is still going strong, and the story of Angelo Carusone is a non-story. The Washington Post has called the posts “troubling” however they highlighted a transparent apology and worked to further the campaign against the Fox personality while giving the Media Matters president the “good guy treatment”.

The hypocrisy of today’s media is astounding. A different set of rules are being enforced for different people, and it’s time we begin to bring attention to this situation. Who deserves redemption? It can’t be merely one side.


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