A Researcher Fined after Breaking into Hotel Wireless Network may see Jail Time

When you break into a wireless network of a hotel and then write about it, it will not end well.

A Chinese security researcher did not imagine that while he was in Singapore and what he called research, he would actually be arrested and fined $ 3,600. What was the reason you ask? He hacked into the wireless networks of hotels, who did not approve the invasion and changed their passwords,  and then revealed the work in a blog written on the subject.

Zheng Dutao, 23, from China, came to Singapore to attend a conference called Hack In The Box and he stayed at the Fragrance hotel. The researcher decided that he wanted to try to break into the hotel’s wireless network and was able to easily access MySQL with tables with information such as wireless network passwords. But Zheng instead of reporting to the hotel like any White Hat Hacker, decided to write a post about it on his blog. All this happened last August.

A few days ago the Singapore Cyber ​​Association was exposed to the young researcher’s post, and decided to take him to jail. Although he has not committed any act of malice, he may be prosecuted and sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.


Roy Shpitalnik

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