A Question About BlackBerry Reviews


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Earlier today, Poita316 asked a question in a comment to my Verge post that we have wondered ourselves from time to time.

Everytime I read stuff like this, I wonder… Is there a site where somebody made a BlackBerry bash post and every “reporter” or tech reporter copy pastes just edditing date, OS and device? Its almost the same EVERY time. Even a doubble facepalm isn’t enough…

You really wonder sometimes don’t you? So many of these tech blogs, posting very similar negative articles about BlackBerry for so long. So many bad reviews, that seem as if the reviewer never touched the device, and sometimes seems like they’re flat out lying about it.

Ad to that, a little something called “sponsored content”. A few months ago, I received an e-mail asking if we would be interested in posting sponsored content. An article for pay basically. Well, myself being the type of person I am, I replied straight away asking what type of content they were talking about? Informing them that content mattered and that we would not be posting anything that did not fit our UTB voice. I never received an answer to my questions. And now, I kick myself for being so straightforward. I really wish I would have acted a bit more interested, so I could have seen what they wanted to post.

Especially now.

You see, earlier today, I spend a good amount of time reading a review on The Verge. A review that actually made me angry as I read it, as it was so far off base. I wrote a little post about it of course. Well, just a short time ago, Spade shared another review with us, this time from New Egg. New Egg’s review, in my opinion, is just as bad. But I’m not going to write a post about it.

Why wouldn’t I? I do so love poking holes in other’s anti-BlackBerry articles.

Because I already did.

Allow me to share some quotes from each of the articles. And see if you find this as weird as I do.

New Egg: BlackBerry users don’t have time for playing video games, updating their Facebook status, or taking selfies. They are in the business of “taking care of business” and require a no-nonsense smartphone that allows them to get the job done. And for many years, BlackBerry was able to provide them with just that.

The Verge:  The ideal BlackBerry user doesn’t have time to play games, doesn’t have time to send Snapchats, and doesn’t have time for any nonsense. This person only has time for business. BlackBerry actually has a name for these people: “Power Pros.” The Passport is for Power Pros.


New Egg: When BlackBerry users started jumping ship to Apple (and later Android), BlackBerry refused to change the design of their devices. The result was disastrous, causing the company to lose billions of dollars and millions of customers in the process. But now, under new leadership, BlackBerry is determined to make a comeback with a phone unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The Verge: For years, BlackBerry tried to fight the iPhone, but that was a battle it brutally lost. Now it’s leaving that fight behind and going back to its roots: making tools for getting work done.


New Egg:  The company believes this radical new design will redefine productivity for mobile professionals. If successful, it could also be the catalyst that brings the company back to relevance.

The Verge: Contrary to what many people in my social circle believe, BlackBerry is indeed still around and is ready to make itself relevant once again.

Now, I invite you to read both posts in their entirety. There is no doubt that both articles convey the same tone. And this raises questions for me. Is it possible that both authors used the same source material for their review? Perhaps, one used the other as a source? Or is it possible that both these authors mirrored each other in some strange coincidence? I don’t know. But I find it very odd. Don’t you?


Image Source: havewehadhelp.wordpress.com


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