A Night at the ‘Opera’?


Shots have just been fired in the Browser Wars!

If Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are not quaking in their boots they should be. Norwegian-based Opera has just announced they will be rolling out a revamped browser with an ad-blocker which may speed up page loading times by up to 90%.

While many websites earn income from ads, Opera only makes a minimal amount from ads and can afford this move. But the main reason is something most of us are not used to hearing- web ads are annoying and very intrusive on our security and privacy as they were generated from tracking cookies capturing our web browsing patterns.

According to Senior Vice President in charge of engineering, Krystian Kolondra, “We understand ads are important for the Internet and without them many services could not exist—we’re not against that. On the contrary, we simply don’t think ads/trackers should slow down the online experience so much. Today users see when there’s a bad ad on a page —when it covers some part of the page, blocking navigation or requires you to close it. But it’s hard for users to know how much did the ads affected the page loading.

Before you pop the bubbly and party like a rock star there is just one caveat – the ad-blocker version is desktop-only but will eventually be rolled out for mobile phones.


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