BlackBerry may be perceived to be solely aimed at Enterprise, Government segments, or even Prosumers. We’ve also repeatedly heard the term productivity and efficiency. BlackBerry and BlackBerry Messenger is not, and has never been restricted to men and women in dark suits, sitting in corporate meetings, discussing budgets, targets or even corporate takeovers, with the dollar signs flashing before their eyes and no doubt, the bonus in their next pay packet.

We’ve seen the slick looking adverts, of high-powered executives who feel the need to tap out emails at one hundred miles an hour, always on call, ready to seal the next big deal. Then there’s BlackBerry Meetings, the very same executives discussing their next mission, secret takeover, carried out through the very excellent Blackberry Protected service, where I have found personally that the sound quality is a true experience, absolutely fantastic and unmatched by rivals.

However, like the majority of us, we live our lives working 9-5 jobs. Many have no need to live the corporate lives, and the stresses that come with the job which the tiny few lead. But we love BlackBerry and many of its apps. We may not be satisfied with the entire selection of apps, however, there are many gems within BlackBerry World, which some are pre-loaded onto a Blackberry 10 device. Now this very same app is an optional download on Android and Apple devices, the users of which can now love and enjoy the very same features we Blackberry users have taken for granted. Trust me there is a gem of an app, and that app I will come to in a minute so please be patient with me for a little longer.

”Trust me there is a gem of an app and that app I will come to in a minute.”

BlackBerry is a lot more than a workhorse of a device, a lot more. It is a fantastic all round device for all things entertainment. We all know entertainment also equals fun, and boy it’s a fun device and app. One such feature is embedded within BlackBerry Messenger: Video Chat and the ability to Screen Share. This feature goes beyond what people assume and expect from Blackberry handsets and that same fun can now be accessed by Android and Apple devices. This feature now can be accessed and shared with anyone, anywhere in the world, irrespective of country borders, time zones, age, gender and nationality in real time, never to skip a moment with anyone, anywhere, anytime. A gem at your finger tips, ready to fire up.

”BlackBerry is a lot more than a work horse of a device, a lot more. It is a fantastic all round device for all things entertainment”

With the world becoming ever so smaller, with families, friends and relationships now dispersed across the globe, nothing can now stop us sharing the same fun we have enjoyed since childhood. Nothing can stop us sharing the movies we enjoyed as children, and throughout our adulthood, irrespective of wherever we are in the world, we are still able to enjoy the fun, through BlackBerry Messenger, and Screen Share. I love this app and its potential.

”Nothing can stop us sharing the movies we enjoyed as children, and throughout our adulthood, irrespective of wherever we are in the world and still able to enjoy the fun”

Now grab your choice of flavour of popcorn or ice cream, and a nice bottle of your favourite drink. Yes, don’t forget to get comfortable in your favourite seat as you’re about to enjoy a movie with your son, daughter, brother or sister, or even your boyfriend or girlfriend. Let’s not also forget our husbands or wives, irrespective of where they are, where they maybe working for short periods. Distance is no longer a problem; You’re still able to enjoy the fun, in real time and fully interactive, and also be able to run your own commentary.

This is the only movie theatre where you are aloud to talk during a movie, make as much noise as you want, even stop the movie whenever you want and have a break, top up your drink, or even grab another bite to eat, maybe you want to discuss the plot line, or your favourite scene or actor.


Through video chat, you can discuss the movie of your choice, switch to Screen Share to flick through the multiple collection of movie and shows that you may have stored on your device, or even select a movie through the paid subscription of which ever streaming sites you may belong to. If undecided, you can even screen share and search the internet and share the reviews of the movie in advance, discuss this and simply make your choice.

Both of you will be able to view review, discuss, either through your device, or (even better) link it via Miracast or connect to your television with an HDMI cable and enjoy in full technicolour glory. What better way to see each other on the big screen, and even better to share the movie in real time, never having to wait.

To access this great feature, go ahead, share the same enjoyable experience that I’ve shared. All you have to do is go to Video Chat through BlackBerry Messenger, connect to the person and press Screen Share. Those on Android or Apple devices, just fire up your app store and download BlackBerry BBM.


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