New BlackBerry 10 OS links have arrived…


Happy Friday, BlackBerrians!  If you’re like me, and still on 10.3.1.xxxx, a new OS version has surfaced.  Similar to other releases in the 10.3.1 branch, it appears to be mostly bug fixes and hopefully some optimizations.  It’s still too early to tell much, having just loaded it onto my Passport, but so far, all seems to be working well.

The links to the files can be found here:

Happy Friday, and Happy Update Day !


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  • Robert

    Woo hoo! Happy Leakend everyone.

  • SipoKapumba

    Has the UTB Blogs policy changed? We’re now celebrating leaks? I thought they were limited to the forums, not the main pages. If I recall, the official UTB Blogs policy is to support the BlackBerry position of not encouraging leaks, hence leaving them to the forums which discusses leaks, among other BlackBerry stuff. I stand to be corrected and apologise in advance if I am mistaken..

    • Brad

      No Sipo, you’re absolutely correct. And the title has been changed to correct it. This is not a leak, these are on the production servers. Nothing stolen here.

      Stolen files should not be making their way to our forums either.

      We just get in the habit of calling it a Leakend. Lol

      • Robert

        Especially if you a AT&T user. Anything that comes available is considered as a leak. locco_smiley_35

  • SipoKapumba

    Thanks for the clarification Brad. It’s all good now.

  • scook94

    Surely a leak only stops being a leak when it’s pushed to your device by your Carrier?

    • Chaplain_Clancy

      Actually a leak stops being a leak when ANY carrier releases it to ANY device.

      • scook94

        Unless you can advise differently this leak hasn’t been released by any carrier that I am aware of, so it remains a leak.

        • Brad

          The difference is these are being put on accessible servers by BlackBerry. You’re downloading from BlackBerry. That makes a big difference to me unless BlackBerry says differently.

          • scook94

            And only available to us thanks to the likes of Sachesi or Darcy’s BlackBerry Tools. Just like your banking details are available to anyone who can put the correct malware on your computer. The latter is definitely theft, so why isn’t the former?

          • scook94

            Or to word it differently; you may not regard it as a leak if you manage to access files that were meant for telecoms carrier, but do BlackBerry?

            • I think it’s safe to assume that BlackBerry made the OS public when they authorized it for a carrier. It’s OUT. If other carriers are slow to adopt, or not is irrelevant. BlackBerry made it public. They aren’t concerned with it being used or seen.

  • Canuckvoip

    The software that we (UTB) do not advertise or promote on our front page are the versions that are meant for private beta testers. Those files are not meant to see any form of public use, so we do not and have not exposed them. Nor will we.
    As Brad and others have said, files that are on production servers are not treated the same.
    We value your opinion, and promote discussion.