A New Feature for Twitter is Old News on BlackBerry 10


Those BlackBerry naysayers love to talk about how BlackBerry is a dinosaur. They claim that it is old news compared to Android or iOS. What many of them don’t seem to realize, is that the BlackBerry 10 OS is years newer than Android and iOS. Add to that, this was a platform that was developed after those platforms had been established. Add to that, BlackBerry is a truly innovative company. What is the resulting sum? That BB10 was built from the ground up to best these other platforms. It’s faster, it’s smoother, it’s more feature rich.

Those naysayers won’t admit that though. They instead want to focus on that one thing that those other platforms beat BlackBerry 10 at. That is apps. Not the quality of apps, not the readiness of the OS to run those apps, and definitely not the ability of that OS to run those apps while doing other processes (it’s called true multi-tasking folks). No, they focus on sheer quantity of apps. Nevermind the fact that most of those apps remain dead in the relative app stores, just dreaming for the day that one of those app counting users will actually download them, and possibly use them a few times.

It keeps happening though. I keep seeing “new features” added to these competing platforms, much to the pleasure of those users. And it’s comical to me, that these are old features on BlackBerry 10. We’ve seen Google focusing on Android security, and adding the ability for the users to turn off or on app permissions. We’ve seen Apple add a handicapped NFC, and it’s looking like they might finally even have modern screen technology on their next iPhone. Yes, they’re still bragging about Retina screens. Really.

Today I saw a new feature that is apparently in testing at Twitter. The Verge was extremely excited about this feature. Sadly, it appears this feature is only showing up for a few alpha testers, yet the Verge is extremely hopeful, yet very doubtful that this will eventually roll out to everyone. Would you like to know what this amazing new feature is? Are you ready for it? It’s night mode.


Of course, BlackBerry 10 has had dark mode for some time now. We even have it in our native twitter app.


Of course, the native BlackBerry 10 Twitter app isn’t made by Twitter, it’s made by BlackBerry. This has of course, led to some users complaining that the experience isn’t the same as what you will find in the Twitter made Android and iOS apps. Personally, I use both BB10 Twitter on my BlackBerry Passport, and Android Twitter on my BlackBerry Priv. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I prefer the BB10 Twitter. Why? Because when I use Twitter, I want it to function in an efficient manner. I want to see my timeline in chronological order, I really don’t care what the Twitter Android app thinks I should see first. I also like my apps to not constantly hammer me with ads. And I like dark mode. I’ve used dark mode for a few years now, and perhaps, just maybe, the official Android Twitter app will see night mode in the next few years.



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  • Nayalm

    The last time i can remember using the normal mode in Twitter was BBOS 7.1
    Since moving to BB10 it’s been Dark mode for being good to the battery.
    A true fact is BlackBerry10 was introduced with 2012 hardware in 2013, but since then Android is trying very hard to introduce what we had since the BlackBerry Pager and that’s “SOFTWARE”

  • “I want to see my timeline in chronological order… I also like my apps to not constantly hammer me with ads.” EXACTLY!

  • I went from Z30 to Samsung S7. Worst decision I’ve ever made.

    • Brad

      Come back to Black!

      Rejoin the elite on BlackBerry. :)

  • Martin

    Nice work on incorporating the BBM emoji’s into the screen shots. locco_smiley_15