A New Campaign Threatens Shipping and Transportation with Phishing

Phishing does not go away, it gets more sophisticated and a lot of users fall into the trap.

A new attack has been discovered in the Middle East. Shipping and transport companies are being attacked by hackers who are using phishing strategies to infiltrate the computers of organizations in several countries such as Saudi Arabia, India and others. 

The attackers have reached a level of sophistication with which they can send organizations emails that appear to be genuine purchase invoices. These are, of course, emails that appear in such organizations on a daily basis. The hackers are using network addresses with local extensions that match the country they’re attacking in order to create a more credible attack on company networks. 

The researchers who discovered the attack at LMNTRIX claim that they have found several types of Trojans being dispersed in these attacks, some dating all the way back to 2010. The Trojans include key loggers and malware intended to steal credentials. 

As for the identity of the attackers, code lines were identified in the Chinese language, which would imply Chinese attackers. However, these lines of code may have been inserted simply to conduse those trying to locate the attackers, as has become a more common practice. 



Roy Shpitalnik

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